The front garden: one year on

Most of the work last year was getting the front garden sorted for planting. There are now six raised beds and a long bed along one side as well  as a lovely new path. The work went in to destoning as much as we could, removing an old path, pulling down trees (one which was a blue spruce the height of the house) and flattening the area by removing quite a lot of soil.

Doesn’t look as much effort as it seemed!

Now there are six raised beds, one doesn’t match as it was the original I built and tested last year and I was too impatient to wait for it to be replaced…I planted onions and garlic in it. I had quite a lot of garlic left so planted a slightly later crop in late November (I think as I forgot to make a record of the actual date) in another bed.

Winter onions (grown from sets) and hardneck garlic (went in on 1 October):

White onion – Radar

Red onion – Electric

Garlic – White Cristo

Red onions “electric” – I need to weed…
“White cristo” planted late in November (I think)

That is all that is in at the moment, the other beds have had a few bags of municipal compost applied to them. We’ve also planted a cherry plum hedge. Me and my daughter spent several lovely days combing the village for wild cherry plums last year and it will be nice to have a hedgeful to make jam or a pudding.

Cherry plum hedge

That’s all for now, how is your garden looking? Looking forward to watching mine grow!

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