Square foot gardening and tomato update

It’s now July and things are starting to look a lot better than in June; thank goodness! The fun growing things part has been set aside now to move the  soil around the front garden – it’s all piling up next to the compost bin (well, it’s getting buried). We are lowering the level of the garden as at the moment it’s above the height of the footpath.

The square foot garden bed is looking better. I’ve put two tomato plants in spare squares and they are growing well. Spring onions are ready and I picked a few yesterday to eat. I’ve sown more carrots and spring onions in the remaining squares but these have yet to emerge.

Raised bed looking better – compost bin disappearing in the background!

Along the driveway, things are looking better too.

Tiny Tim tomato plants have grown very well in large pots and fruit looks good. They’ve not been excessively watered and have not appeared to have to suffered much in the recent hot weather we’ve had. I have three other varieties of tomato. One is an heirloom variety, Pink Brandywine, and is not producing any fruit at all so far and just starting to flower. The others, Ildi and Black Sea Man, are both producing fruit. The former produces lots of relatively small grape-like tomatoes whereas the latter will produce much large fruits.

“Tiny Tim” doing well!


Fruit developing on “Ildi”


Larger fruit on “Black Sea Man”

Potato tubers are now at least the size of a large egg; even if blight gets them we will still some that are a good size for eating. I’ve also had 3 courgettes from the driveway plants as well, not bad for a patch of soil that was covered in weeds a few months ago!



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