Quick walk along the driveway

It is the second day of sunshine on a weekend, hooray! Still very cold but thought a quick check of everything was in order. I’ve set up a few things in January but in typical style forgot to take any photos…. So today is just a quick walk along the driveway garden to see how things are doing.

I have limited space but a decent narrow area on the drive. This year the plan is to see if I can grow raspberries and blackberries in a brick bed that I’ve built from an old wall knocked down in the front garden. It has been filled with a mixture of multipurpose compost and green waste compost from the local council. Contents are (to try and get a spread for fruit production):

4 x Joan J raspberry

3 x Glen Lyon raspberry

3 x Glen Magna raspberry

1 x Reuben blackberry

Brick bed
First sprouts – Joan J (all raspberry canes and blackberry plant from Ashridge Nurseries)

So far, it looks like something has nibbled the blackberry and one of the raspberry canes has been snapped but will see how things go. Next job is to build a support to keep them contained. If this doesn’t work I’ll move them to the allotment for next year.

My neighbour planted some daffodil and tulip bulbs in the pots we used for potatoes last year. You can see them in the distance beyond the brick bed. The rectangular pot is November planted with Chinese artichokes. They’ve sprouted and I’ve put another layer of compost over the top to cover these.

Close up of one pot.
The rest of the pots

As I have a relatively small space, perennial vegetables appeal so I am trailing a cut and come again cauliflower. I only ordered one (so hard just to order one of something but must be realistic on space!) along with a load of seeds and it arrived in lovely condition with 2 leaves. I’ve given it a hard life and it’s been outside since November in a large pot. It was frozen solid on Friday morning but you can see it is doing well despite this.

Cut n come again cauliflower – from Victoriana Nursery

I’d sown chives last year in this container and nothing ever emerged, however, these have started to emerge in the last week – one less job to do!

Last year’s chive seeds…

That’s all for now, how is your garden looking? If you’ve any small space garden tips or ways to support the fruit trees please share ⭐




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