Growing potatoes in pots: the results are in…

Back in April I decided that I’d grow potatoes in pots at the last minute. I read to try and identify the best strategy but never quite got an answer – how many potatoes to plant per pot?

There were various suggestions depending on pot size so I set up an experiment – it’s not very scientific so I’ll apologise now to any scientists.

The pots (two were too shy for the photo and sorry about the weeds)

I had 10 pots and 1 laundry basket which was recently retired due to handle breakage. I thought the following would happen: two seed potatoes will yield more potatoes than one per pot (in the small pots). The large pot will yield well with 4 seed tubers.

The results are in: I was wrong…

The potatoes, cv. Desiree, were grown for approx. 110 days before I chopped the foliage off (lots of blight warnings, though I’d get in first) and harvested at approx. 120 days after planting to allow skin set.

Potato weigh in!

Yield from 1 seed tuber per pot: ~900g

Yield from 2 seed tubers per pot: ~900g

Yield from 4 seed tubers per pot (large tub): ~2kg

So you will get a higher yield per tuber by using only 1 seed tuber in the small pots. I’d need to conduct another experiment to determine the optimum yield from the laundry basket, something for next year!

In total 11.4kg of potatoes were produced – which I could’ve bought for £10ish (depending on where you shop of course 😂). Probably not the most cost effective choice but good experience for growing potatoes next year. My neighbour donated compost and pots so he’s gone off with his share. I only counted tubers over 20cm in diameter – my neighbour also took the tiny potatoes that they charge a fortune for in the supermarket (excellent marketing whoever thought of that one!!). I’ve probably enough about 40 meals,

Almost all the potatoes!


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